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VEXUS Exit Planning & Support

Business Exit Planning & Support

Contemplating Retirement or Business Exit?

Your business exit represents a culmination of your dedication and years of effort. This could translate into selling to the incumbent management, a trade buyer or private equity. On the other hand, if recent developments have been less than favourable, it might necessitate winding down and ceasing operations. Whichever route you choose, expert advice and guidance are paramount.

What Entails an Exit Review?

In essence, the review encompasses four pivotal facets:

  1. Are You Primed for Exit?

    The sale of a business is often intricate and laden with emotion. To evaluate the readiness of your business for an exit, candid and value-driven insights from seasoned advisers and negotiators are essential.

  2. How Much Is Your Business Valued At?

    Your relentless dedication has brought your business to its current stature. Naturally, you'd aspire to finalise an optimal deal with an apt buyer. The exit strategy you opt for can notably shape buyer interest, the bargaining dynamics, and the eventual terms of the deal. As a precursor, you'd need a benchmark valuation or target price to discern potential earnings post deductions like taxes, professional charges, and other exit-related expenses.

  3. Forge Your Exit Strategy

    We will delve into your business functionalities, leadership, and competitive edge. This includes analysing your workflows, ownership makeup, legal prerequisites, and the prospective advantages for a strategic purchaser. It's prudent to allocate sufficient time to identify the ideal buyer and be willing to collaborate for a seamless transition and amalgamation of the entities.

  4. Execute the Exit Appropriately

    Procrastinating on your exit preparation can be detrimental. An efficacious exit often demands more time than anticipated. Grasping the mechanics and formulating a strategy empowers you to navigate efficiently. Deferring essential steps only amplifies risks and weakens your negotiation standing. Unexpected circumstances like health issues, family or partner disputes could necessitate a hasty exit, so early preparedness is advised. It's wise to commence your review as much as 5 years prior to your projected exit date.

Should you wish to engage with a senior adviser regarding any of our services, and how we may assist you, please do not hesitate to make contact. Your enquiry is assured utmost confidentiality, and any preliminary discussion is complimentary, with no ensuing obligations.


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