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VEXUS Partial Sale & Merger Services

Partial Sale or Trade Merger UK

Seizing New Opportunities Without Letting Go: Let’s Talk Partial Sale Strategies

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, strategic shifts are not just essential; they are inevitable. At VEXUS, we specialise in creating opportunities for business owners to forge ahead, ushering in fresh prospects while holding onto the fruits of their labour through a partial sale or trade merger.

Not a Full Stop, but a Comma

When the idea of retirement seems too final and the lure of new challenges beckon, a partial sale emerges as the preferred route. It offers a balance, letting you retain a stake in your business, safeguarding not just your legacy but also promising potential growth, fostering financial freedom while you engage in new vistas of opportunities.

Beyond Private Equity

Traditional business successions through private equity deals often come with their own set of restrictions. Our approach prioritises your autonomy, leveraging commercial support on an equity basis from trade partners who bring to the table not just capital but also strong market synergy — a dynamic alternative that could very well outpace the benefits of a private equity deal.

Leveraging our Network for Your Benefit

We have partnered with our sister brand,, to offer Vexus clients an unparalleled advantage — unique access to over 1,000 active acquirers, a network that broadens your spectrum of possibilities, encouraging a collaboration that’s both fruitful and symbiotic.

The Benefits Await

Engaging in a partial sale or trade merger with Vexus grants you:

  • Financial Liberation: Unlock the financial potential ingrained in your business, affording you the liberty to venture into new arenas.

  • Legacy Continuation: A partial sale means your business legacy continues to thrive, fortified through strategic alliances and nurtured for future growth.

  • Market Synergy: Our extensive network ensures a compatible match with a trade partner, promising a partnership rooted in understanding and a shared vision for expansion and prosperity.

  • Access to Active Acquirers: Our collaboration with means that you are positioned in a marketplace buzzing with over 1,000 active acquirers, a playground of potentials waiting to be explored.


Your Journey, Our Expertise

At VEXUS, we stand by business owners, offering expertise, guidance, and a commitment to seeing your business soar to new heights while retaining its foundational ethos. It's not just about business; it’s about honouring your journey, the years of dedication, and the passion that built a legacy.

We invite you to explore the possibilities that a partial sale or trade merger brings. Should you wish to engage with a senior adviser regarding any of our services, and how we may assist you, please do not hesitate to make contact. ​Your enquiry is assured utmost confidentiality, and any preliminary discussion is complimentary, with no ensuing obligations.


Book a free review below or contact VEXUS direct to arrange a formal meeting.

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