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About VEXUS Business Advisers


Finding Inspiration in Every Deal

Vexus is a market-leading business sale expert, merger and exit planning advisers. We are the first choice for many retiring business owners and the starting point for their business sale and exit journey.

Our Story

We do one thing, we successfully sell businesses. We do not act for business acquirers, cross-sell other services, rely on other revenues streams or change direction when markets tighten and transactions slow. Vexus are 100% committed to supporting our clients with their business sale and exit.

As specialists in business sales, we exclusively work on the sell-side of M&A transactions, primarily assisting private and owner-operated enterprises. We deeply understand that selling a business is not merely a financial transaction; for many sellers, it represents a significant life transition.

At the core of Vexus' ethos is the recognition and respect for the individuality of every business. Each enterprise is a culmination of dedication, financial investment, and tireless effort. This understanding is central to our approach and permeates our entire organizational culture, shaping the way we support, market, and negotiate the sale of each client's business.

In an industry often dominated by M&A firms representing both sides, generic business brokers, and accountancy-driven entities, Vexus stands apart. We offer a distinct, dedicated, and exceptionally professional consultancy service, centred on sales and marketing, for business owners looking to exit and sell their enterprise.

Business Sale &
Exit Focused

VEXUS - Business Sale & Exit Focused Services
VEXUS - The Trade Sale Specialists

Trade Sale 

Meet The Team

At Vexus, our business sale experts boast over 50 years of direct commercial business expertise. We've successfully facilitated more than 100 business sale transactions.

VEXUS - Tony Vaughan

Tony Vaughan

Founder & CEO

VEXUS - Laurence Fretwell

Laurence Fretwell

M&A Partner

VEXUS - Robyn Buchanan

Robyn Buchanan

Director of Operations

Lloyd Ansermoz - VEXUS

Lloyd Ansermoz

M&A Partner

VEXUS - Luci Austin

Luci Austin

Marketing Manager

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