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Selling your Business

Planning Your Business Sale & Exit

When it’s time to exit your venture, you want to do so with precision, purpose, and profitability. As specialists in guiding business owners through the intricate sale process, we ensure you realise the full value of your business, leveraging our expertise as Trade Sale Specialists.

Trusted Advisers for Selling a Company in UK

VEXUS Business Valuations
VEXUS the trade sale specialists
VEXUS Exit Planning Financial Review
VEXUS Exit Planning Operational Review
VEXUS Exit Planning Legal Review
VEXUS Exit Planning Staff Review
VEXUS Exit Review Competative Analysis
VEXUS Exit Planning Clean Up
VEXUS Deal Confidentiality
VEXUS Client Marketing and Outreach
VEXUS Choosing the Right Adviser

Key Points for Planning a Business Sale & Exit

  1. Valuation: Establish a realistic value for your business. Our experienced team at VEXUS offer expert valuation services to ensure you understand what your business is worth in the current market.


  2. Trade Sale Specialisation: VEXUS are Trade Sale Specialists, our focus is on extracting the genuine business value by initiating ‘value creating’ transactions with larger businesses that can bring market synergy, industry experience and resources.


  3. Prepare Financial Records: Ensure all financial statements for at least the past three years are accurate, complete, and professionally presented. Buyers often assess a business’s health and potential profitability based on these records.


  4. Operational Assessment: Streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies, and rectify any operational gaps. A well-structured operational system is alluring to potential buyers.


  5. Legal Preparation: Ensure that all regulatory and compliance requisites are met. This encompasses licenses, permits, contracts, and any ongoing litigations.


  6. Management & Staffing: A business with a strong management team and adept workforce is enticing. Showcase your key personnel and their pivotal roles to potential buyers.


  7. Market & Competitive Analysis: Recognise your market position and the competitive scenario. This understanding aids buyers in grasping the growth potential of your enterprise.


  8. Clean Up: Address any lingering issues, be it financial debts, unresolved disputes, or property upkeep. A clean record augments your business’s attractiveness to serious buyers.


  9. Confidentiality: Maintain the confidentiality of the sale process. This ensures there's no disruption to the daily operations of your business.


  10. Marketing & Presentation: Make a lasting first impression. Develop a thorough information memorandum for prospective buyers, illustrating your business's strengths, growth potential, and pivotal financial figures.


  11. Choosing the Right Adviser & Buyer Fit: Partnering with VEXUS means not just finding a buyer, but the right buyer. Investors unfamiliar with your sector or lacking experience may not be the best fit for your staff and business culture. We prioritise finding buyers who understand and appreciate the nuances of your sector, ensuring a premium sale price and cultural fit.

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