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Direct Approach Negotiation Support

Received an offer from a buyer or looking to acquire a business - Our free assessment will help.

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Service Description

Are you contemplating selling or purchasing a business or its shares? ​Delving into the intricacies of a transaction is our passion. While the quoted price for a business or its shares is significant, understanding the true worth of a business, the position of both buyer and seller, and crucially, their transaction motivations, is paramount. By engaging us as your M&A representative and negotiator, you're not just getting an agent – you're enlisting an experienced negotiator and expert committed to ensuring the finest price and terms for you. Facing an opposite party represented by a broker, accountant, or other professional? By partnering with VEXUS, you can level the negotiating field and secure the ideal deal. ​Our service is wholly discreet, and we can be of assistance in various scenarios, including: ​ Unsolicited contact from an unfamiliar buyer. Direct overtures from competitors. Proposals and approaches to prospective businesses. Management buyouts. Sale of a minority stake. Deadlocked negotiations. Interactions with equity investors. Vendor financing & deferred payment arrangements. How does our Deal Negotiation Service operate? ​Review: We invest the time to grasp your circumstances, determining your current position concerning the impending sale or acquisition. Research: Our goal, upon researching the business or buyer's history, is to prime ourselves to negotiate adeptly on your behalf. Valuation: Alongside our business evaluation, we undertake a comprehensive desktop valuation to set a standard. Negotiation: We undertake the challenging discussions, pose the uncomfortable queries, and steadfastly maintain points where others might capitulate. Our mission is to negotiate the best terms and price for you. Transaction Management: Upon agreeing on a price and preliminary terms, we supervise the deal throughout the due diligence phase, coordinating with your legal and other consultants. Our objective is to minimise stress and hassle on your end. So, in the end, we can all... ​Should you wish to discuss our Business Negotiation or Business Valuation services, please reach out. The introductory consultation is complimentary, with no commitments on your part.

Contact Details

0330 133 2020

78 Pall Mall, London, UK

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