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VEXUS Finding the right business sale and exit process

Your Business Sale & Exit Process Guidance in UK

The most common objectives when planning an exit are:

  • A confidential sale & marketing process

  • Maximising business sale proceeds (net of tax)

  • Completing the sale as quickly as possible without damaging the business

  • Protecting the interests of management and employees as far as possible

VEXUS Top Business Tip
Whenever possible, start the sale process early, ideally when the business is doing well and offering future growth potential. Always allow enough time to prepare and do not rush the sale process

The process involves seven steps:

  • Step 1 – Determine your desired objectives

  • Step 2 – Agree on an optimal exit strategy

  • Step 3 – Assess the readiness of the business & people

  • Step 4 – Review the business value & tax implications

  • Step 5 – Prepare the business & people

  • Step 6 – Execute the strategy

  • Step 7 – Due diligence & closing

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Good advice, planning and professional support from an early start will help you mitigate any associated commercial risks with your business sale and exit.

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