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VEXUS Driving your business sale

Marketing Channels for Selling Your Business

Online Business Brokers for Selling Your Business

At Vexus we understand that no two businesses are the same. Which is why our research and marketing services are bespoke for each and every client.
VEXUS Target Research for Sellers

Targeted Research

Every client's business has its own unique qualities. Understanding this, we take the time to meticulously craft a research strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our objective is to identify the most appropriate buyers for your business, ensuring genuine interest and a good fit. These potential buyers could be based in the UK or further afield. We emphasise precision and quality in our approach, ensuring we connect you with not just any buyer, but the right buyer for your distinct business.

VEXUS Direct Services

Direct Mail

For certain projects, when we assess it to be particularly beneficial, we opt for the trusted method of direct mail. We craft personalised and confidential letters, which are dispatched straight to prospects specifically related to your sector. This traditional channel is favoured by many potential buyers who appreciate a more tailored, direct, and personal touch. 

VEXUS Direct Marketing & Target Outreach

Direct Email Marketing

By harnessing our extensive database, which boasts thousands of qualified, actively registered trade buyers, meticulously researched potential targets, and private equity professionals, we ensure that your business receives optimal exposure. With our ongoing programme, we will proactively reach out to these contacts, seizing every opportunity to spotlight and promote your business. This ensures that the right audience is always informed about what you have to offer. 

VEXUS Partner Marketing

Vexus & Partner Sites

Crafted meticulously with the perspective of potential buyers, our website, along with those of our trusted partners, offers an intuitive interface that streamlines the search process. Users can effortlessly pinpoint businesses that align perfectly with their criteria, ensuring swift and efficient matchmaking. 

VEXUS Support Marketing Platforms

M&A Corporate Tools

We employ some of the leading international tools to analyse and target strategic business buyers. These advanced analytical tools enable us to delve deep into market trends, buyer behaviours, and industry-specific insights, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential acquirers. By leveraging this technologies, we can precisely identify and engage with the most suitable strategic buyers for your business, enhancing the likelihood of a successful and profitable transaction.

VEXUS Social & Search Engine

Social & Search Engines

Dedicated to maximising our online reach, we delve deeply into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices, guiding potential buyers straight to our digital doorstep. Simultaneously, our online footprint spans key business social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Our proactive engagement not only attracts potential buyers for your business but also ensures we keep you business intentions confidential.

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