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VEXUS Professional Fees

Vexus Fees To Sell Your Business In UK

Vexus Competative Fee Structure

Our fees are competitive. Your cost for Vexus to market and support your exit process is largely success orientated and based on a small percentage of the sale consideration.

VEXUS Success Fee Link to Outcome

On completion of the business sale or transfer, a further success fee will be payable, which is based on a percentage of your total deal value.

VEXUS Modest Retainer to Cover Costs

During our engagement a service fee is agreed as your contribution to our time and expenses, based on the agreed scope for any pre-sale support and marketing required.

VEXUS Business Tip

When selling your business, choosing the right adviser and broker is critical. Their expertise and the reputation of the adviser can greatly affect the outcome of the sale. An ex adviser can add value to the sale process, potentially offsetting their fees by helping to secure a premium price for your business. 

VEXUS Experience over Cost

Always value experience over

cost for your best exit result

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