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Specialist SaaS Solution for Tax & HR Compliance

Private & Confidential





SaaS based Tax & HR Compliance Solutions


United Kingdom

TURNOVER (forecast)

circa. £625,000 (2033/4)

ARR (annual recurring revenue)

circa. £600,000 (2023/4)

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Business Overview is exclusively retained to identify a suitable purchaser for this highly specialist SaaS platform, which offers exemplary support and resources to UK businesses in relation to tax and HR compliance within the evolving contingent workforce sector. Our client has established a highly scalable commercial SaaS operation, bolstered by an expert leadership team comprising over six specialists.

Specialist SaaS Solution in Tax & HR Compliance

The principal revenue stream of the business is derived from its subscription-based SaaS offerings. However, on demand traditional consulting and legal support services are available upon request. A significant 95% of the total turnover stems from these subscription services, an area which our client has consistently developed over the preceding 18 months. As of now, the platform has garnered the trust of over 525+ commercial subscribers—a figure which has been attained with minimal investment in marketing and sales. Given the forthcoming changes in HMRC tax and compliance regulations, our client foresees a rising demand for online tax and compliance evaluations. The applicability of this SaaS solution extends to a multitude of business sectors, including:

  • Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Construction

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Oil & Gas

  • Media

Transaction Motivation

Our client has successfully established a reputable brand, complete with a fully functioning SaaS platform, full intellectual property rights, and a distinguished leadership team. The focus is now shifting towards the potential for future business expansion and leveraging the considerable market opportunity. It is our client's belief that the business would prosper further under the ownership of a more expansive organisation possessing the requisite expertise and resources to elevate the business and stimulate growth. Our client remains steadfast in their commitment to the business and its future prospects. A preference will be shown towards strategic acquirers who are receptive to the vendor's continued support."

Proven business model with significant UK opportunity

The Opportunity

We are actively pursuing a trade acquisition or strategic partnership with an entity possessing expertise within the 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) domain, financial services, or HR consultancy. Furthermore, we welcome interest from potential acquirers who are conversant with software solutions that bolster compliance activities, or those who recognise considerable market or client synergies and seek a scalable enhancement to their current operations.

✓ Established ‘SaaS Compliance Platform’ ✓ Market Leading Business ✓ Scalable Business Opportunity

✓ Highly experience team to remain ✓ £600,000 Annual Recurring Revenues ✓ 525+ SaaS Subscribers

The Next Steps

Upon finalising our non-disclosure agreement, eligible parties will be granted in-depth details about the business. We advise scheduling a meeting with the sellers at your earliest convenience to prevent potential disappointment.


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