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Mavericks vs. Corporates: Selecting the Right Adviser for Your Business Exit

Selecting the right adviser for your business exit

So, you've decided to bid farewell to your beloved business. It's time to bank the rewards and sail into a comfortable retirement. However, before you swap spreadsheets for swimsuits, a crucial decision awaits: who will guide your exit strategy? Here's why opting for smaller independent advisers, seasoned veterans with an independent spirit, could be the game-changer you need to secure a successful exit.

The Appeal of the Corporate Titans

Large advisory firms boast extensive resources, global reach, and established brand recognition. They present themselves as a one-stop shop, offering a comprehensive suite of services that seemingly cover all aspects of your exit strategy. However, it's essential to consider the following:

  • Lost in the Labyrinth: Large firms, by their nature, can be impersonal. You may find yourself simply another client number, with limited interaction with senior advisers who possess a deep understanding of your specific industry and its nuances.

  • Junior League Engagement: The impressive individuals you meet during the initial sales pitch may not be the ones handling your day-to-day operations. The actual work might be delegated to less experienced associates, potentially hindering continuity and most importantly lacking the proven deal-making expertise.

  • Process Over Partnership: Corporate firms often prioritise their standardised procedures over the bespoke client solutions that are actually required. This "one-size-fits-all" approach might not be optimal for your unique business or when it comes to maximising value for your exit strategy.

Enter the Maverick Specialists

Boutique advisory firms, led by seasoned practitioners with an independent streak, offer a compelling alternative. These experienced advisers operate independently, fostering a unique approach and not shying away from calculated risks to achieve optimal outcomes for their clients.

The Rise of Deal Mavericks

You might consider a typical deal maverick as a business founder who has successfully exited their business and now provides M&A services to help and support other entrepreneurs. We differ significantly from traditional M&A advisers who have climbed the corporate employment ladder and most importantly have never walked in a business owner's shoes. These mavericks bring a distinct advantage to the table:

  • First-Hand Experience: Having built, scaled, and sold their own businesses, deal mavericks possess a deep, personal understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. They know the emotional and practical challenges that come with selling a business.

  • Empathy and Insight: These advisers have been in your position and can relate to the anxieties and aspirations you face. Their empathy translates into more personalised and effective guidance.

  • Proven Success: Deal mavericks have successfully navigated their own exits, providing them with practical, real-world expertise that theoretical knowledge from corporate advisers cannot match.

Why Boutique Advisers and Deal Mavericks Might Be Your Ideal Partner

  • Sharp Focus, Deep Expertise: These firms specialise in specific sectors, providing an unparalleled level of industry knowledge and experience compared to their larger counterparts.

  • Seniority Throughout: You gain direct access to the "rainmakers" – the seasoned practitioners with decades of experience navigating complex exit strategies, just like yours.

  • Personalised Attention: You benefit from a dedicated team who have a thorough understanding of your business, ensuring a bespoke approach tailored to maximise value for your exit.

  • Unorthodox Brilliance: Independent advisers bring a fresh perspective and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, potentially leading to innovative exit strategies that traditional firms might overlook.

The Exit Strategy Specialists

When it comes to business sales and disposals, the personalised touch of smaller advisory firms shines even brighter. They comprehend the emotional complexities associated with the exit process, whether for retiring business owners or during corporate non-core disposals. Their guidance extends beyond the financial aspects, addressing personal concerns and ensuring a smooth, successful transition.

Your One and Only Opportunity

To ensure your business sale and exit success, you only get one shot. Choose the right advisers for your business exit who will become invested in your story, clearly understand your goals, and possess the experience to navigate the complexities involved. Choose seasoned practitioners with the agility, dedication, and independent spirit to deliver the results you deserve.

Intrigued? VEXUS specialise in crafting winning exit strategies for businesses just like yours. Let's chat.


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