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You don’t know what you don’t know – when selling and exiting a business!

The quote “You don’t know what you don’t know” reflects the reality that, when faced with a complex task like selling a business, entrepreneurs may not be aware of all the factors and considerations that could impact the process. This lack of knowledge can lead to oversights, missed opportunities, and regrets.

In the context of selling and exiting a business, this quote highlights the importance of educating oneself about the sale process, seeking professional advice, and learning from others who have gone through similar experiences. By being aware of potential challenges and addressing them proactively, business owners can avoid making costly mistakes and ensure a smoother, more successful sale.

Entrepreneurs sometimes experience regret or face the realisation that they should have planned better when selling and exiting their business. Commons example’s include:-

  1. “I wish I had started planning my exit strategy sooner.”

  2. “If only I had taken the time to properly value my business.”

  3. “Why didn’t I think about the tax implications before selling?”

  4. “I should have spent more time grooming a successor.”

  5. “I didn’t realize how important it was to maintain confidentiality during the sale process.”

  6. “If only I had been more diligent in preparing my financial records and contracts.”

  7. “I wish I had sought professional advice before making decisions about the sale.”

  8. “I didn’t anticipate the emotional impact of leaving my business behind.”

  9. “Why didn’t I consider the importance of finding the right buyer for my business?”

  10. “I should have been more proactive in negotiating the terms of the sale.”

It is essential for entrepreneurs to recognise that they may not have all the answers and that seeking guidance from experienced professionals, such as exit advisers, business brokers, accountants, and solicitors, can help fill knowledge gaps and provide valuable insights into the process of selling and exiting a business.

Experienced advisers will be happy to chat to you in confidence and without obligation, so if you are thinking of exiting your business this year or within the next three years, pick up the mouse or phone and talk to a professional.

You have absolutely nothing to lose!


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