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Craft Soft Drink Business

Vexus is exclusively retained by the fastest growing craft soft drink brand in the UK…

Our client is looking for a strategic partner to help them scale up and reach their next business objective of hitting a £12 million+ turnover with operating profits exceeding £3.5 million. Sales in the UK soft drinks market were £15.7bn in 2018 and craft soft drinks are booming.

Our clients’ fizzy soft drinks are different from the rest, as a craft product they are packed full of multidimensional flavour made from real fruit, low in sugar, low calorie, no artificial colours or preservatives, no plastic and vegan friendly.

The craft movement has revolutionized the alcoholic drinks sector, those same consumer trends are now fuelling craft soft drinks. This market is here to stay, and our client intends to be a leading player.

The business is built around a strong founder, management team and brand. With a strong and growing distribution base exceeding 7,000 outlets and the immediate opportunity to export to Europe and the Middle East. We are ideally seeking a trade partner with a drink canning facility or trade or institutional investor with deep industry experience and connections able to facilitate a seven-figure investment.

If you would like to find out more information about this business contact us here.


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