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VEXUS sells Anglian Architectural Limited to Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

VEXUS announces the sale of Anglian Architectural Limited to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

VEXUS, leading experts in business sales and exit planning, are pleased to announce the successful sale of Anglian Architectural Limited, a prominent contractor in architectural glazing, rainscreen, and curtain walling, to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Since its establishment in 2002, Anglian Architectural has been recognised for delivering exceptional quality in services and workmanship. Boasting an annual turnover approaching £10 million, the company has carved out a significant niche in providing bespoke design, surveying, manufacturing, and installation services to a diverse array of clients in the construction, retail, and corporate sectors.

Charged with identifying the most beneficial exit strategies for the shareholders of Anglian Architectural, VEXUS exclusively undertook a detailed assessment of potential sale and succession options. This process encompassed both conventional trade buyers and more innovative employee ownership possibilities.

A period of confidential marketing ensued, attracting keen interest from numerous trade acquirers both within the UK and internationally. Amidst these options, the proposition of transitioning to an Employee Ownership Trust emerged as an especially fitting alternative, reflecting the company's commitment to preserving its esteemed goodwill and business heritage.

This transition to employee ownership was executed at full commercial value, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted continuation of business activities. This sale is not only a tribute to the exceptional commitment of Anglian Architectural's workforce and management team but also a reward for their unwavering dedication.

Although an Employee Ownership Trust may not be universally suitable for every business sale or succession plan, it represents a compelling alternative in scenarios where the preservation of existing business culture and legacy is a priority.

If you are considering a business sale and exit within the next three years and wish to explore the benefits and drawbacks of employee ownership versus a traditional trade sale, VEXUS is available for a confidential discussion to guide you through your options.


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